Four Ways to Layer and Keep Toasty

Four Ways to Layer and Keep Toasty

There are mornings where you wake up and want to deny that winter is here. And we get that. You may even fool yourself enough to just throw a t-shirt and nothing else under your coat, foolishly thinking you can outsmart the cold. But dude, that is a misguided move. One swift breeze and you’ll be chilled to the bone. But we get what you’re going for. So, turn to some alternatives and school yourself in the art of layering. 

1. Turn up the Base


Left to Right: The Waffle Henley in Heather Grey, the Lightweight Waffle Henley in Natural

Set your T-shirts aside for a bit and trade them for their warmer cousin, the henley. You want something that has some weight to it, so think waffle, think thermal, or if you’re extra bold, think cashmere. Wear this under your favorite button-up shirt and you’ll have some added warmth and comfort. 

2. Double up on Outerwear

Left to Right: The Boulevard Bomber Jacket in Navy, the Stretch Italian Wool Topcoat in Camel

If you’re the kind of guy who must wear a T-shirt every day of the week, there is hope for you yet. There’s a few of this tribe in the Bonobos office, and what they lack in casual layers they make up for in outerwear. To bulk up a bit, just try layering a lighter jacket underneath a topcoat. Ideally, you’re looking for an inner layer that hugs your shoulders and fits close, otherwise things will be a bit clunky when you put it all together.

3. Try a Permahoodie


Left to Right: The Oversized Topcoat in Navy, the LA Fleece Hoodie in Heather Charcoal

To be honest, your wardrobe isn’t complete until you’ve got a nice neutral zip-up hoodie at the ready. It has its obvious uses for general laziness and/or trips to the gym, of course. But in the winter, it can find a more permanent home inside your favorite coat or jacket. Think of it as an extra cozy lining that you can remove when things get a little more tolerable.

4. Go Big or Go Home


The Shearling Leather Bomber Jacket

Of course, your number one weapon in layering is just a big-ass jacket. Something warm, something sturdy, and something that will stand up to anything. If this sounds like the kind of thing you’re interested in, it might be time to invest in a shearling. Just make sure that you size appropriately if you plan to wear a heavy sweater underneath. The last thing you need is discomfort.