Who is Cloe?

Clōe sought to go beyond the product from the beginning, this vision is one of its deepest philosophies of development. Clōe is today a brand full of values, diversified and with international scope that is based on the art of design. Clōe is today the most important Mexican brand of leather goods in Mexico and has begun its projection towards other borders.

Clōe represents a sophisticated world, with a global vision of fashion, but within reach of those who really want to own it. The vision of their creations is focused on women and men who are citizens of the world, of natural sophistication and without geographical barriers. Men and women who contemplate the global village from first class seats in this amazing journey through contemporary times.

In Clōe we take the talent of great designers and we turn it into inspiration for everyday life, knowing that what we want is to spread the taste for living with style. At Clōe we are committed to design, we live it every day. We are creative and work hand in hand with other creators of trends and styles.